A Kid’s Point of View: The Best Cheese Burger in the World at Little Owl

 Editor’s note: This review is by 10 year old Orion Miller of New York City. His review is on the hamburger at The Little Owl, Bedford at Grove.

Little Owl - Cheeseburger

ok, i am a kid, i Know i am not supposed to write reviews on the best restaurant in the world.

let me just say i had the best cheeseburger in the world at the little owl.

perfectly cooked classic burger bun
2 or 3 slices of firm juicy mouth watering bacon
1 or 2 slices of melted american cheese
one blessed cow.
1 more perfect bun

i went there for my graduation dinner and it was way more than i expected. my family heard that some critics said that the Little Owl was the best burger in the world but and i TOTALLY agree.
i cant comment about the alcohol but the iced tea was great.
the service was more than i can ask for my sis wanted tomato juice and the waitress
said she might have it in the basement and she went in to the basement and got it.

the location was perfect. there was not a lot of cars beeping (in fact there was none at all) It was quite busy but not loud.

Tip: make a reservation

next i will try the pork cops

me and my dad are trying to recreate the burger but i don’t think we will come close.

the desert was great

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5 Responses to A Kid’s Point of View: The Best Cheese Burger in the World at Little Owl

  1. Great job, Orion! I hope this is the first of many. You’ve got a great teacher.

  2. Louise Caviglia says:

    Ahh Orion !
    That burger looked so good. Sometimes the photo on the add is better then the real thing but your testimony was very convincing I can almost taste it Good job on your sharing the experience

  3. Thanks for the tip. Will be in town next week. Will give it a try.

  4. Mary Becker Weiss says:

    Orion, come to Maine and we’ll give the Little Owl a run for her money! See you soon. Loved your article. Scout says they need to hire you…

  5. Nono Caviglia says:

    Orion your the FANTASTIC !!
    Love, Nono